Renters’ Guide on Proper Bond Cleaning

At the end of your lease, you are supposed to be refunded the bond deposit you made at the start of it. You should receive the deposit in full but this is not always the case. If the property is not sufficiently clean according to the required standards, you might not get the entire bond. The law requires renters to conduct an exit cleaning which is known as bond cleaning. The bond cleaning Hawthorn residents are required to conduct should include the following:

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  • Cleaning of windows inside and outside
  • Cleaning of interior and exterior walls
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Thorough cleaning of the oven
  • Removal of insects
  • Removal of stains and dust from all surfaces
  • Swimming pool sparking
  • Cleaning of all window curtains and blinds
  • Cleaning the inside and top of cabinets
  • Mowing of the lawn and tidying the garden

Real estate experts are extremely thorough and will inspect even the finest detail when it comes to bond cleaning. As such, you need to be rather stern with your cleaning if you want your bond back in full. You may decide to do the cleaning yourself or call some of the experts in bond cleaning Hawthorn has available for tenants like you.

DIY bond cleaning

You may want to take the job into your own hands for many reasons but especially for the money-saving bit. But, is a DIY cleaning worth a try? Before you take that direction, think about the following factors: Click here New Boda Cleaning

  • Time: Bond cleaning is not the ordinary weekend cleaning you are used to – it is cleaning every corner of the house and doing it perfectly for that matter. Because of this, bond cleaning is not a one day affair. If you don’t have adequate time to do it, you may not perfect it as required.
  • Cleaning equipment and products: A perfect cleaning job requires superior products and equipment. Thus, if you plan to clean every nook and cranny spotlessly you need to buy the right cleaning gear. This might add up to a lot of costs that can otherwise be used during the move.
  • The excitement: Moving from one place to another comes with a lot of excitement. With such bubbling excitement you can hardly concentrate on the scrubbing or mopping the old property.

Benefits of hiring a professional Hawthorn bond cleaning expert

If time constraint, the excitement and the high cost of cleaning equipment cannot allow you to do a perfect exit cleaning then it’s best to call a professional. You can get competent and cheap bond cleaning Hawthorn services that will offer the following gains:

  • Use high quality cleaning materials and products
  • Save you valuable time
  • Bond back guarantee – cleaning can be redone at no cost if it not satisfactory
  • Ensure cleaning of the entire property including the lawn and garden

If you are seeking to get your entire bond back, then you need to find the best company in bond cleaning in Hawthorn. Choose New Boda Pest and Termite Solution Ltd as your partner in this process – they will make sure that your property is cleaner than you found it.

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