The Grilling Question: Stainless Steel Grates or Cast Iron?

If you like to grill a lot, then you need to invest in the highest quality grilling set to ensure that you can maximize its use. Choosing the right material for your grill requires more than just efficiency in cooking. You also have to consider maintenance and the ease with which you can clean the grill after use. There are two materials widely used when it comes to making grill sets: cast iron or stainless grates. You need to thoroughly compare the pro’s and con’s for each option to help your buying decision.
Cast Iron Grill Grates
The use of cast iron as a material for your grill grates offers plenty of benefits. One of the main advantages is the fact that cast iron takes longer to heat up. The molecular structure of this material is also great for retaining and transmitting heat for a long period of time than other materials. Hence, it is suitable when used for a grill since you can efficiently cook various types of meat with this type of grill.
In addition, a cast iron grate is also ideal if you want to achieve those beautiful grill marks. If you are very particular about obtaining these gorgeous grill marks while you cook, then this is one of the main reasons to choose a cast iron grill.
While the aforementioned factors might make you want to choose a cast iron grate for your grill, there are also several downsides to this option. For example, it is difficult to clean up after use. It is also important to clean the cast iron grates with a brush quickly after use. In some cases, you might have to oil them up to remove grease or any particles that could get trapped into the grate as you cook. Another disadvantage is that cast iron grates that offer superior quality tend to be extremely expensive.
Stainless Grates for Grill
If you are looking for another option aside from the cast iron grill grate, you can buy stainless grates. Unlike cast iron, this material will not rust or corrode even with constant use. It is therefore a highly durable material that will give more value for your investment over the years. If you opt for grills with thin grates, you will get to enjoy a more consistent and even cook on the meat. Grill masters would love the golden and even crust on the meat when you cook it.
Aside from the superior grilling result, some Sydney NSW stainless grates are also a practical choice because they are easy to clean and maintain. If you want to keep your kitchen low maintenance, this is the ideal choice for you. Investing on the superior quality stainless steel grates will also provide increased longevity. You can expect your investment to last so you can grill on it for many years.
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