Building a Green Home? Avoid These 5 Costly Mistakes

The green home trend is one of the fastest growing trends in the industry. This particular trend is suited for the times because not only does it help to protect the environment, but it is also practically beneficial for homeowners. A green home might be more costly to build but it can help lower your utility costs in the long run. You need to hire expert builders Perth has today to ensure that they have knowledge and experience with building a green home. Not all home builders Perth has to offer are updated with the green home design trends.

It takes careful thought and consideration when designing a green home with the help of builders in Perth WA. Here are some of the costly mistakes to avoid at all costs:


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Mistake 1 – Building a home that is too big.

The whole idea of building a green home is to save on the utility costs. However, building a home that is too big for your family or your needs can be contradictory to your original intent. It can be more costly to run and there will be a lot of unused space. Expert builders Perth has today would recommend building a home that is just the right size for your family. However, you can make provisions that would allow you to easily extend it when the need arises in the future.

Mistake 2 – Not considering your future needs.

If you are going to build a home from scratch, you will most likely want to live in that home for the next 20 or 30 years, so you could make the most of your investment. When designing a home, think about how your future needs may change. You need to adapt your home design to suit your lifestyle and needs now, as well as for the future. You can save on costly repairs and renovations in the future if you do this.

Mistake 3 – Not choosing the location well enough.

When building a green home, you might want to choose a location in the rural area so you are closer to nature and enjoy the fresh air. However, you need to consider first if your chosen site is not going to damage the ecosystem. When you are building a house, you must clear the area. You need to make sure that it is not going to cause disruption to the wildlife in the area.

Mistake 4 – Building a home that is not solar powered. 

To ensure that your home is totally green, you need to equip it with a solar power system. Therefore, the location of your home is going to be crucial to ensure that you are able to maximize sunlight exposure so you can generate enough power to run your home. You can significantly lower your energy costs by switching to solar.

Mistake 5 – Inadequate insulation within your home.

Investing in an energy-efficient insulation for your home can produce the most significant savings on your energy use. Expert builders Perth has today can design your home to reduce heat loss and gain and maximize the insulation within your home.

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