• Roles Played By Conveyancing Solicitors

    Conveyancing is the transfer of the legal title of property from one person to the other. There are two main steps involved in conveyancing: exchanging contracts and closing the deal. In Australia, the law states that contracts of sale and purchase of land should be in writing. It is advisable to consult a conveyancing solicitor during the sale or purchase of land. Here are some of the roles of a conveyancing solicitor.
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  • Could an Easement Disturb Your Peace When You Buy a New Property?

    If you want to buy a certain property, have had a good look at the building and are perfectly happy with the location, you may be keen to proceed as expeditiously as possible. You understand that there are legal formalities to go through and certain documents to exchange, but you will need to ensure that no third party has any rights to the property as well. What do you need to know about easements, and how do you find out if any are applicable?
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